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Top Things to do in Dubai’s dessert

Find yourself in the silence and pure clean atmosphere

Deserts captivate you with an alluring charm that is unmatched. The desert retains its noble peaceful character while being far from the congested, noisy streets of a busy city. 

Do you also want to feel calm and relax your mind?

You should visit the deserts of Dubai. The camels, sand dunes, scorching and chilly winds, and highways in the middle of vast, open spaces excite you.

Dubai a city full of joy and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. is aptly described as the most prosperous city in the Persian Gulf. Even if Dubai is home to a glittering cityscape, exciting nightlife, and opulent activities, a desert safari still stands out above the others.

Spending a memorable day and momentous night in the spectacular Arabian Desert can include safaris, wildlife viewing on a Land Rover, and spending an evening immersed in entertainment in the heart of the desert in an Arabic tent with the majesty of nature.

Dubai is the home of many deserts. But in this article, we will take you on a tour of the Arabian desert.

Range of activities you can do in Dubai deserts

Dubai Night Safari, embellished with daring rides, exotic music, and delicious food, showcases the best of desert nights and is unquestionably worthwhile.

Let’s discuss the most incredible ways to enjoy a day in the desert

  • Beautiful view of the sun rising from the dunes

You should specifically visit the enormous Arabian Desert during dawn when the Sun is closest to the horizon and brightest. Admire the golden glory while taking in the majesty. The most beautiful sight is without a doubt the sunrise in the desert.

  • Exploring the Arabian desert by dune bashing

A morning safari drive in the gusty wind and sand is the most exciting activity of the best desert safari in Dubai. You are frequently picked up by the jeep at the camp and taken on an exhilarating ride that lasts for more than 30 minutes.

  • Enjoy a leisurely trek through the desert on a camel

A camel safari in Dubai normally lasts 45 minutes and occurs in the morning. You may tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve on a camel caravan while learning about the desert’s biodiversity. A falcon presentation, where guests are invited to roam about and take pictures with the magnificent bird, is another highlight of the camel safari in the desert.

  • Experience the rush of sand skiing in the desert

On Dubai’s seemingly limitless length of sand, one can engage in the novel adventure pastime of sand skiing. Some of the dunes are 200–300 meters high, which makes them ideal for sand skiing. As you fast descend, the sand can be felt beneath your skis. The best thing about the desert is that.

  • Become a pro at quad biking

 Riding a quad bike in the Arabian desert is one of the most thrilling activities to do on a Dubai desert safari. On a Dubai trip, quad riding is perfect for thrill-seekers who want to navigate bends and explore the desert with ease.

  • Catch the view of the sunset

Evening light in the desert of Dubai is equally as beautiful as the morning sun. The sun’s orange hue, which fades as it disappears behind one of those dunes, is a sight to behold. The environment looks vast in the distance as you drive a Range Rover to one of the dunes and take it all in. The moment is appropriate for some spontaneous pictures at that point.

  • Enjoy the night filled with events

With a wide range of entertainment and activities including stilt dancing, fire eating, spinning, and exotic belly dancing, a night doesn’t get any better than this. Pitch your opulent tent and enjoy the thrilling moments with your friends and family. Enjoy a Dubai desert safari while spending the night outside enjoying a BBQ, a campfire, and other activities close to the tent.

Hope readers! You have enjoyed the reading list of activities you can do on the sands of Dubai. 

Ready to pack a bag for your next holiday in Dubai’s deserts? Don’t miss any of the above activities these will add more charm to your visit

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