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Popular Worth Trying Traditional Dishes of Dubai

Crave more, Eat more- fall in love with the exotic dishes

Are you considering a trip to Dubai and wondering what awaits you there?

Well! The food in Dubai combines Iranian, Lebanese, and Arabic flavors, leaving you wanting more. Go to the restaurants or the streets; either way, you’ll have a great time. You simply can’t resist the delectable flavors that Dubai food has in store for you, whether you consider yourself a foodie or not. You will undoubtedly have a foodgasm from the tantalizing aroma of the spicy treats in Dubai. Every foodie may find something to enjoy in Dubai, vegans and non-vegetarians alike. You will have a difficult time choosing because the list is so extensive. Some meals, which embody their culture’s traditions, may even make you feel at home.

The Emirati people have a great deal of regard for their history, and cuisine is seen as an integral component of their culture.

Here in this article, we will share some of the popular dishes of Dubai.

Take a look!!

Let’s start with the breakfast

  • Delicious Barata and flavorful Shai Karak

If you visit Dubai, you must stop at a cafe for a Shai Karak and Barata. shay that’s Karak is a tea, but with a twist. Karak is renowned for its distinct and potent flavor and is originally from India where it is known as Masala Chai. It is different from Masala Chai in that it uses strong black tea with milk and sugar instead of as many spices. You won’t have missed Karak if you’ve been anywhere in the Gulf because it is so well-known.

It is a daily routine in the area. People prefer to stop at a cafe for a Karak rather than a Starbucks or Costa for coffee. Additionally affordable, you may purchase a Barata to enjoy a full breakfast for a little bit more. Indian bread known as Barata is wonderful and filling on its own. To make it more memorable, serve it with cream cheese and chips.

  • Appetizing Lgeimat

Lgeimat is a very popular dessert in the Middle East and is a significant element of Dubaian culture. It is served with tea for breakfast and is featured at weddings and tea parties.

It is an integral component of Fuwala, the special foods served to guests and is also deserving of being provided to them. Lgeimat is like a small donut that has been dipped in saffron and has the same texture and flavor.

  • Sweet and sour Balaleet

Balaleet is a unique breakfast item that combines sweet and sour flavors. Vermicelli which has been sweetened with sugar, cardamom, rose water, and saffron is served in this classic dish with an omelet on top. It is well recognized in the entire Gulf region, but especially in the UAE.

Only the amount of omelet that covers the dish varies from one country to other. Although it is often a breakfast item, during Ramadan it is also offered as a dessert or a light meal.

Move on to lunch and dinner


  • Spicy rice-based meal- Majboos

Rice-based dishes are well-known throughout the Gulf region. Majboos is a type of mixed rice meal that often contains rice and meat but can also include fish, chicken, or even shrimp.

The name is derived from the method of mixing all the ingredients together in one pot and pressing it down with another pot. Onions, pine nuts, peanuts, and almonds are just a few of the spices and flavorings that are used in them.

  • Master of the table- Harees

Depending on your taste, this dish combines boiled or cracked wheat with seasoned chicken or pork. It’s a very well-liked meal, especially during Ramadan, and it’s served at weddings, Big Eids, and any special event. It has the consistency of a heavy supper.

The word for the dish—harees—comes from the Arabic word for mash, hars. Harees is a smooth mash.

  • Traditional dish- margoogah

This popular khaleeji dish has many different names and can be prepared in a variety of ways. It’s a fairly traditional dish that is prepared differently around the UAE.

Actually, it’s either chicken broth or meat cooked with vegetables and thin bread. When the chicken is swapped out for veggies, it is ideal for vegetarians.


  • Mouth-watering Shawarma

The tastiest shawarma can be found in Dubai. All citizens love this type of street food. You will never have tasted shawarma better than this.

  • Traditional Iraqi dish-Quzi

Impress your guests with Iraqi Quzi, a meal of delicate lamb over yellow rice topped with crunchy almonds and sweet raisins. It is a magnificent supper that is given at feasts and to honor visitors

  • Sweet Um Ali

This is a common dish at weddings. It is a stunning milk dessert that is served warmly and is made up of pastry, milk, cream, and nuts. Although it is originally from Egypt, it is highly well-known in Dubai, particularly during the winter.


When visiting Dubai don’t forget to try these savory dishes that make you feel like heaven. You’ll be astounded by the level of courtesy and professionalism that Dubai’s eateries display. After your meal, be sure to give them a generous tip. Cheers to that.

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