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Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is a suitable name for this superb garden. After all, it’s quite a wonder that 45 million flowers can bloom in the desert. The Garden is like an oasis in the middle of a busy city.

There goes an adage- ‘All that glitters is not gold’, but it might be Dubai. If you want to see luxury and magnificence at its finest then Dubai is hitting the list. It is one of the most traveled destinations, offering everything to soothe your senses. Miracle Garden is one of the gems of this beautiful country. 

When the weather turns cold, the Dubai Miracle Garden’s gates open at the start of winter. Since its first opening, this 72,000-sq-m paradise has blossomed into one of the region’s most gorgeous, sweet-smelling destinations with more than 45 million flowers in full bloom.

What do Visitors Expect in Miracle Garden?

The Garden is a wonderful location just to stroll through. There is a stunning display of flowers everywhere. With more than 500,000 fresh flowers and real plants, it is the largest floral installation on the entire globe. Dubai is always on the cutting edge in welcoming visitors.

Attractions of Dubai Miracle Garden That Make It a Perfect Place

  • Floating Lady

One of the astonishing attractions here is the Floating Lady, a beautiful display of flower craftsmanship. This is a clever installation in this enchanted garden. 

Floating Lady is a unique illustration of abstract imagination floating in a vacuum with her arms outstretched to the sky.

She made her clothing out of pink and white flowers. She appears to be floating in midair and is saluting the sky. The garden is also known as the Magical Garden of Dubai because of the Floating Lady.


  • Emirates A380

Although Dubai has numerous gardens, nothing beats Miracle Garden. With the addition of a life-size flower-covered replica of an Emirates A380 Airbus, the Dubai Miracle Garden becomes the first place in the world to feature the largest floral work. It took 180 days and 10 hours a day to bring this elaborate fantasy to life. This flowery Emirates A380 Airbus enhances the experience of visiting the garden with a variety of roughly 9,000 flowers for the Emirates logo and 500,000 flowers and living plants for the overall structure.

  • Flower Parade

While visiting Dubai Miracle Garden, you must not skip the Flower Parade. Every season, street dancers and live music make the opening of this huge Flower Park a special occasion with their performances. Tourists from all over the world travel to Dubai’s Miracle Garden merely to experience the vibrancy of this flower festival, which is one of the Miracle Garden’s main attractions.

  • Sunflower Field

Numerous sunflowers in the Sunflower Field reflect brilliant golden colors and sparkling flowers under the sun. The Dubai Miracle Garden’s largest and tallest flowers are these vibrant blooms. There are 15 different species of sunflowers throughout the field.

  • Heart Tunnel 

This passage is stunning, with heart-shaped flower formations made of lovely, vibrant blooms. One of the most amazing experiences in this Garden is a trip along the tunnel, which is lined with aromatic flowers and vibrant hearts.


 Key Highlights

  • The world’s largest flower garden offers a fantastic visual treat with its huge range of flowers.
  • Take a stroll through tunnels made of umbrellas and floral pathways shaped like hearts.
  • Discover the beautifully designed floral castles and villas.
  • Take pictures right near the biggest floral display in the world at the Emirates A380 exhibit.
  • Admire the inventiveness of the architects who created flowery igloos, human-like ants, hearts, pyramids, vehicles, and trains.
  • Discover a brand-new world of Disney characters crafted of floral designs.
  • Enjoy more than 30 food stalls and cafes located on the grounds of the Dubai Miracle Garden.
  • Group yoga or family Zumba classes will get your heart rate up.
  • Take a stunning Instagram-worthy photo in the middle of the sunflower field when it is in full bloom.

 Final Thoughts

Situated on the outskirts of Dubai, this floral wonderland must include in your favorite attractions of Dubai. So, plan a visit and get immersed in the fragrances of millions of flower species. Will you?


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