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What Makes Dubai Dolphin & Seal Show Unique?

Dubai’s opulent nature makes it an exhilarating location to visit. One of the best places to visit while you are on a trip to Dubai is- The Dubai Dolphinarium. The Dubai Dolphinarium is one such attraction. This enormous place has a total area of about 1.25 acres and has centralized air conditioning. Similar to the other attractions in Dubai, this one will provide your family with a comprehensive and enthralling experience.

Dubai Dolphinarium is home to 6 popular bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, and a few exotic parrot species as well. 

Let’s explore what the dolphinarium has to offer:

What to expect at the Dubai Dolphinarium

The gate opens at 10 am throughout the week but it is closed on Sundays. It is a 45 minutes show where you can get close and personal with the dolphins. The dolphin and seal show is one of the best entertainment experiences you will ever have. You will be amazed to witness the physical and mental skills of mammals. The way they understand all the commands and starts dancing, diving, playing, etc. it is an absolute pleasure to watch them. The highlight of the show is 6 bottlenose dolphins- Kyushu, Jerry, Tetka, Fekla, Kai, and Elvis. The lazy Fur Seals are also part of the show. All these animals are a part of the stunning show that has arena-style seating, with normal and VIP areas.

Dolphin Show: Timings & Fare

The Dubai Dolphinarium show is held thrice a day at 11 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm.

The 45 minutes indoor activity is an absolute extravaganza where these talented animals showcase their talent. Watching them is a pleasure to the eyes.

The Dubai Dolphinarium tickets are available with VIP seating and regular seating options. With the VIP sitting, you will get the best view of the complete show as you are sitting right in the center. The regular sitting is spread on both sides of the VIP seats in an arc form.

The adult fare for regular seats is 105 AED, and for children (2-11years) it’s 50 AED. On the contrary, the VIP adult fare is 125 AED and for children (2-11years) it’s 85 AED.

What to expect from the show?

You will witness the dolphins jump, sail, play, and have a lot of fun. You can also interact and swim with these seals and dolphins. This gives you a lifetime opportunity to meet these amazing animals. Don’t worry. Everything is under the supervision of professionals.

If you want to thoroughly enjoy, the best way is to arrive at least 15 minutes before the show starts. The seating is provided to the audience on the basis of first come first serve. To get the best view of the show, it is recommended that you sit as close as you can to the center, near the VIP section.

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show of Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the unique shows you will love watching. In the exotic bird show, you can witness distinct bird species that you might not have seen before. Species like Amazon parrots, green-winged macaws, and Steller’s Sea Eagle are super adorable.  

You even have a chance to get clicked with the birds by professionals. Once this is done, you can then feed the birds under the ‘Feed the Birds’ program.

Mirror Maze

The Mirror Maze is another adventure at the Dubai Dolphinarium. You will be surprised to know that it is the only mirror maze in the UAE! If you are a mystery lover, we’ll suggest you to try it out. Make your way and test your memory as you face the mirror maze challenge. Let your family and friends join you so that you can defeat the maze together.


How many of you always wished to enjoy trampolines but in most cases, it is only restricted to children?

The trampoline at the Dubai Dolphinarium is a fun adventure for everyone. Yes. You can keep jumping and bouncing at the first trampoline indoor parks in the UAE. Before you start enjoying and jumping, a safety briefing is done.

Enjoy to the fullest

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a place where everyone can thoroughly have a good time. You can watch the mammals play, click pictures with them and post them on your Instagram. Besides the dolphin show, the bird’s show is also worth watching. In addition to this, the trampoline park and 5D/7D cinema make the overall experience mesmerizing. Note that it has a limited seat capacity so it is important for you to reach at least 15-20 minutes before the show starts. The restaurant at the premises can serve 150 people at once.

So, do you want to swim with the lovable creatures? Book your tickets online and have a splendid time spent with your family and loved ones.

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