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Mutref al Mutref, Khaled Fouad, and DJ MK in Dubai (22nd April 2023)

Date and Time: 20:00 Sat 22 April 2023

Location: –  Sheikh Rashid Hall, World Trade Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre


At the Sheikh Rashid Hall of the Dubai World Trade Centre on April 22, singers Mutref al Mutref and Khaled Fouad will perform, along with DJ MK. Top Arabic songs will be performed throughout the evening, so reserve your seats immediately.

Al Mutref, who began playing the oud at the age of 13, has been creating a buzz with his mesmerizing vocals in the area. As Fouad wows with his signature guitar riffs and DJ MK keeps the energy high with chart-topping tunes, the Kuwaiti artist will perform a number of singles from his albums Monhak Gharam and Fagdek.


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