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Top-notch laundry service in Dubai- Fresh, clean clothes forever!

Dubai is a city that demands that you look your best. Whether going to a business meeting, a glamorous party, or just going about your daily routine, it is important to wear fresh and clean clothes. The laundry services in Dubai understand this and ensure that your wardrobe is always immaculate and your fits are hard! 

This is a city that provides convenience to its residents and visitors. Finding a good laundry house can enormously change your daily lifestyle, making it smoother and better. If you are wondering, “ Where can I find reliable laundry services near me?” This guide has some of the best ones mentioned who offer multiple services for your clothes, home, and corporate environment. 

Quality of laundry in Dubai matters!

Clean clothes are about more than just a confident appearance. They are about a person’s comfort and hygiene. This is why finding a reliable laundry service in Dubai will help you have a smoother routine. A good quality laundry service is the perfect solution for everything. From heavy stains to soft, delicate fabrics, the laundries in Dubai can handle it all. Dubai laundries use eco-friendly products and advanced technology to treat you and your clothes best! 

Choosing a laundry service

Clothes are as important as one’s food. What we wear speaks not just about our appearance but also about how we wish to be perceived. Hence, it is imperative to decide on a laundry service that suits you. 

  • Reputation: Choose services with an excellent local reputation. Refrain from trusting websites; look for reviews to help you understand better. 
  • Services: Clothes need more than just cleaning. Select a laundry house that gives you the range of services you require. 
  • Convenience: Always ensure the laundry house offers pick-up and drop-off services. All reliable laundries in Dubai offer these services.

Where to get the best laundry services in Dubai.

Choose your laundry service and send off your clothes to be taken care of while you focus on having your best time in Dubai. We have listed the best laundry services in Dubai to help you with all your textile cleanliness! 

1. Laundry Heap 

We will start our list with the laundry place that is known for its efficiency! Laundry Heap offers one-bag laundry services and gets it done within 24 hours. You can use their application to book pickups, and the team will arrive with a reusable bag. They are the most eco-friendly laundry service in Dubai. Besides laundry, the place offers services like dry cleaning, sneaker cleaning, duvets, dry cleaning of heavy clothes, ironing, etc. This is the most reliable choice for wanting clean garments in a jiff at a reasonable budget! The laundry house maintains its stand on being eco-friendly by investing in elective vehicles and reusable bags for its services.

Location: Online.

Timing:24/7 availability.

Phone number: +971529686882

Average price: AED 25 – AED 55 per item

2. Champion Cleaners 

Champion Cleaners has been serving excellence in laundry services since 1997. This is one of the most established and trustable laundry houses in the UAE. You can get all clothes-related services here, like permanent creasing, laundry alterations, soft toy cleaning, etc. They have several branches spread across the city, offering quick pick-ups and drop-offs. Champion Cleaners have stayed relevant after all these years by staying updated with the latest technology. They use GreenEarth cleaning technology, which is eco-friendly and gentle on the clothes. 

Location: Multiple locations throughout Dubai. 

Timing: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Every day)

Phone number: +971564037219 

Average price: AED 15 – AED 50 per item

3. Laundrybox 

Laundrybox has been called one of the top most promising startups by Forbes, and in Forbes, we trust! This is one of the application-based laundry services in Dubai. Besides fast delivery and pick-ups, their unique selling point is the personalized lockers customers can book in areas such as Business Bay, Dubai Marina, etc. This can be done through the application. Customers can access the lockers to pick up and drop off their laundry at all times. 

Location: Multiple locations, including Dubai Marina,  Al Quoz, etc. 

Timing: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Phone number: +971526478328

Average price: AED 30 – AED 100 per bag

4. Royal Monarch Laundry

This laundry house has been serving the UAE since 2000. It is famous for its dedication to improving the quality of laundry services in Dubai. They have conducted surveys with the general public to understand their laundry needs and worked towards the response. If you want an excellent laundromat in Dubai Marina, this is it! 

Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai.

Timing: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Every day) 

Phone number: +971542521909

Average price: AED 20 – AED 75 per item

5. Laundry Lounge 

This is Dubai’s pioneer in laundromats. It is a self-service laundromat with services like free Wi-Fi, a warm cup of coffee, free laundry folding, etc. You can find the nearest laundry lounge, choose your machine, put in your load, and relax for an hour. A range of products is available for your clothes to ensure you get the product of your choice. 

Location: Multiple locations, including Dubai Tower 1, Jumeirah Lakes, etc. 

Timing: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Monday to Friday)

9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Weekend) 

Phone number: +97142438591

Average price: AED 30- AED 55 for an hour.

6. Primavera Dry Cleaning

If you are busy strolling and shopping in the Dubai Mall and need to take care of your laundry, Primavera Dry Cleaning is just the place for you. This shop is located in the opulent Dubai Mall and offers express laundry service. You get personalized service and regular order updates when your laundry is being done! It is worth visiting and taking advantage of if you are looking for fast laundry service in Dubai

Location: Dubai Mall, Dubai.

Timing: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (All of the days) 

Phone number: +97143399698

Average price: AED 25 – AED 70 per item

7. BNK Bubbles Laundry

BNK Bubbles is one of the best laundries in Dubai Marina. The laundrymen here have more than four decades of experience. BNK Bubbles tends to use different fabric types and the treatment of those fabrics with accessible expertise. Based in Marina, this laundry service offers pickup and drop facilities throughout Dubai. You can rely on BNK Bubbles for laundry and dry cleaning of your fabrics. The best part of their services is the premium environment-friendly cleaning supplies that guarantee that your clothing is spotless and secure for you and your surroundings.

Location- Dubai Marina, Dubai.

Timing- 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Monday to Thursday and Saturday)

 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM  & 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Friday) Sunday closed. 

Phone number- +971561328142

8. Dima Laundry

Dima Laundry is another expert in dry cleaning and laundry services. To successfully remove stains and care for sensitive materials, Dima regularly updates its procedures with the newest technology, cleaning techniques, and solutions. It ensures all regulations and ethics are met and followed. Its aim is to provide you with a transforming laundry experience. 

Location- Al Quoz, Dubai.

Timing- Open 24 hours.

Phone number- +9718003462

9. Hala Laundry Service

Hala laundry is another option to explore when looking for laundry in Dubai. They operate out of Jumeirah Village Circle. You can find both your professional and personal laundry needs met here. In addition to laundry and dry cleaning, Hala laundry also offers services like carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, and commercial laundry. It is worth trying Hala Laundry as they offer competitive prices and fast service while ensuring your clothes are given the best! 

Location-Jumeirah Village, Dubai.

Timing- 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (All of the days) 

Phone number- +971586746593

10. Al Nesreen Laundry

Al Nesreen has been ruling the laundry market since 2012. It is the answer to your laundry Jumeirah Village Circle Google searches. Al Nesreen offers top-notch convenience and reliability to all its customers. The prices are affordable, and it offers 24-hour delivery. This makes it the perfect choice for quick yet qualitative laundry services. 

Location-Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.

Timing- 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Full week) 

Phone number- +971523764564

11. Laundroville

Al Barsha residents and visitors, we have your back as well. Laundroville is the best laundry in Al Barsha. Everything from washing, dry cleaning, folding, and ironing is available here. Laundroville is a top choice for high-end garments. It is favored by the affluent in Dubai. This should be your choice if you have garments that need delicate care. There is zero hassle, and you can even opt for pick services. Laundroville makes the task of laundry luxuriously easy and convenient. 

Location- Al Barsha, Dubai. 

Timing- 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM (All days except Friday)

8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Just on Fridays) 

Phone number- +971569575283

Notable mentions! 


This tech company connects users to service providers and, in our case, customers with laundry service providers. The website lists multiple laundry services and will connect you to the one in your area offering the needed services. Through JustClean, you can get clean laundry in 24 hours. In addition to laundry services, the website provides car and house cleaning services.  

Location: Al Quoz 3, Dubai.

Timing: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Full Week)

Summing it up! 

Dubai offers multiple options for your laundry needs. Whether you’re in Al Barsha, Dubai Marina, or any other part of the city, you can find a laundry service that will keep your clothes fresh and clean. Laundries in Dubai will take care of your high-end clothes as well as regular clothes with eco-friendly products, providing you with hassle-free service. Choose your laundry service and send off your clothes now! 

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, Dubai Local will guide you around the city. Check our website for more information. 

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