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Dubai’s Best 5 Street Food Items: A Guide to Local Flavors

Welcome to the fascinating world of Dubai’s street food. Known for its extravagant restaurants and luxurious dining options, Dubai also boasts some of the most delectable and best street food in the world. One such popular destination for foodies is the Meena Bazar in Dubai, where you can find a wide array of delicious street food items.

From the famous shawarmas to the mouth-watering falafels, the streets of Dubai are bustling with flavors waiting to be savored. As a visitor to Dubai, it’s mandatory to taste the Emirates cuisine and its signature sauces, which add a unique flavor to the food. 

Dubai is known for its authentic cuisine, and its street food scene is no exception. Among the wide array of street food items, Dubai’s best five dishes stand out for their unique taste and popularity: Shawarma, Manousheh, Falafels, Oman chips roll, and Kkunafa. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through Dubai’s top 5 street food items that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. So, get ready to explore the streets of Dubai and discover its hidden gems of local flavors.


Shawarma is a popular street food item in Dubai and is loved by locals and tourists alike. This Middle Eastern delicacy consists of soft and crispy meat cooked to perfection with spices and herbs. The meat is then wrapped in bread, along with a variety of fresh vegetables, and smothered with authentic Emirates sauces. When you take a bite of the best shawarma in the world, you feel a burst of flavors and textures in your mouth. The combination of juicy meat, crispy vegetables, and soft bread creates an explosion of taste that leaves you craving for more. Shawarma is a must-try Dubai street food, and it’s guaranteed to satisfy your hunger and taste buds. 


Manousheh is a popular breakfast item in Dubai, consisting of a thin flatbread, similar to pizza dough, topped with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, za’atar, and olive oil. It’s a savory and flavorful dish that’s sure to wake up your taste buds. The dough is made fresh and then cooked to perfection in a traditional oven. 

What’s special about Manousheh is that it’s a popular breakfast food in the Middle East and a staple in many households. Trying Manousheh in Dubai is an experience that will not only tantalize your taste buds but also give you an authentic taste of the best street food.


Falafel is a Middle Eastern street food item that’s become a household name in Dubai. It’s a deep-fried ball made from ground chickpeas and spices, often served on a loaf of pita bread with fresh vegetables and sauces. The falafel balls are crispy on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. The taste is delicious and satisfying, leaving you feeling full and content. 

The reason why you should try falafel in Dubai is that it’s an authentic dish that’s loved by locals and tourists alike. Dubai’s falafels are world-famous because of the perfect balance of spices and the use of high-quality ingredients.

Oman Chips Roll

Oman Chips Roll is a unique, delicious, and best street food item found in the bustling streets of Dubai. It consists of a crispy roll stuffed with a variety of ingredients, including crunchy Oman chips, fresh vegetables, and sauces. The combination of textures and flavors is a treat for your taste buds, and the roll is crispy and satisfying. 

The reason why you should try Oman Chips Roll in Dubai is that it’s a popular local street food item that’s not commonly found in other parts of the world. It’s an authentic dish that’s guaranteed to delight your senses and leave you wanting more.


Kunafa is a Middle Eastern dessert that’s become a popular street food item in Dubai. It’s a pastry made from shredded phyllo dough, filled with sweet cheese or cream, and topped with sweet syrup and pistachios. The combination of sweet and savory flavors is a treat for your taste buds, and the pastry is crispy and satisfying. 

In Dubai, a meal is incomplete without a dessert, and Kunafa is considered one of the best desserts you can ask for. It’s a perfect way to end a meal, leaving you feeling content and satisfied. Trying Kunafa in Dubai is a must, as it’s an authentic, delicious, and best street food dessert that’s loved by locals and tourists alike.


Dubai is a culinary paradise for foodies around the world. While the city is known for its luxurious restaurants and five-star cuisine, there’s a lot to be discovered in the streets of Dubai. Dubai street food is rich in flavors and textures, offering a unique taste of the local cuisine that cannot be found in any fancy restaurant.

Street food is not eaten only because it’s cheap. For those who want to savor the true flavors of Dubai’s local cuisine, head to the streets and explore the vibrant and delicious food items on the streets.

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