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Complete Guide on the DOs and DON’Ts While Visiting Dubai

A trip to Dubai might seem similar to a trip to Spain, Mexico, or Thailand, given its prominence as the Middle East’s most popular travel destination. The vast majority of your time will be spent around friendly people, delicious food, and incredible sunshine, but bear in mind the following key differences when planning your trip. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a Muslim country that follows Islamic law and though the rules are slightly more relaxed in Dubai, it is critical to be aware of what is and is not appropriate in order not to offend anyone or inadvertently violate the law, resulting in jail time. To that end, in this blog, we have compiled our recommendations for staying within legal boundaries and making the most of your holiday.

Things you should do in Dubai

  • Check the prescriptions

There is an absolute ban on drugs in Dubai, and the government has a zero-tolerance policy toward those found in possession. Additionally, this policy extends to several prescription medicines, such as those containing codeine, which is an effective pain reliever. Be sure to conduct some research before traveling so you don’t accidentally carry illegal items with you.

  • Stay away from PDAs

It is a big no-no for people to display affection in public in Dubai, and there have been cases where people have been arrested for merely smooching in public. Even, hand-holding is only acceptable between married couples. When it comes to physical contact with your partner, it is best to wait until you are back in your hotel room.

  • Dress modestly

You do not need to wear a burqa during your trip, but women should be dressed in modest clothing outside of their resorts. There are often dress codes in shopping malls that you must adhere to. Women visiting religious monuments should wear a headscarf and men should not wear topless while walking away from the beach.

  • Keep Ramadan’s rules in mind

Traveling during Ramadan requires you to familiarize yourself with how you should behave. In brief, eating, drinking, and smoking in public are prohibited during the daytime.

  • Be respectful

Respect is the foundation of Islam, so if you act in a respectful and humble manner, people will greet you with a smile and offer you their warmest hospitality.

Things you shouldn’t do in Dubai

  • Publicly drink alcohol

Dubai is just like many other parts of the region, such as Egypt, where alcohol consumption is prohibited for the Muslim-majority population. The same is true in most other Muslim countries, such as Egypt, where alcohol can be purchased by non-Muslims in licensed bars, restaurants, and hotels. But, be careful not to possess too many, as it is illegal to behave disorderly in public, regardless of religion.

  • Taking photos of people without their permission

The practice of taking photographs of local women without their permission is considered rude, particularly when taking photos without their permission.

  • Swear

Some foreigners have been arrested for making vulgar comments while undercover police officers were present. Cussing and foul language are considered an offense. Make sure you keep it clean.

  • Defame Islam

There is probably no worse thing you can do in an Islamic country than this. You must refrain from saying anything out loud that might be construed as disrespectful to Islam. Keep your opinions on Islam to yourself if you have strong opinions about it. Blasphemy carries serious punishments.

  • Flaunt the homosexuality

However, homosexuality remains illegal in the UAE, which is a sad fact that must be acknowledged. Any public displays of affection between members of the same (or opposite sex, unless married) could land you in big trouble. It is also illegal to cross-dress.

  • Use of left hand

It might seem strange to follow such a rule, but in Muslim culture, the left hand is used for body hygiene and is therefore unclean. It is never appropriate to shake hands or greet others with your left hand, and eating with it is not acceptable.


This is an overview of some DOs and DONTs you should always keep in mind when visiting Dubai. As part of their Islamic culture and values, they have a number of significant laws. They want everyone to follow the rule until they enter Dubai’s boundaries. Therefore, if you plan to visit this beautiful city, make sure you check this list, which we discussed above.

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