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10 Things Tourists Should Avoid while Visiting Dubai

Planning to visit Dubai? That’s great! 

In this oasis in the desert, there is no shortage of amazing things to do. However, be ready since there is a list of things tourists should avoid while visiting Dubai in order to respect this fascinating culture.

There is a lot to discover in one of the most glitzy and multicultural cities in the world! Here are some things you should avoid while visiting Dubai.

Let’s get started!

Things Tourists Should Avoid While in Dubai

  • Dress Modestly

You will be surprised to know that Islam runs deep in Dubai’s veins. All Emirates have the same dress standards. However, Emiratis allow visitors to dress in western attire. But it’s crucial to dress appropriately when in public.

It implies that you have to wear the dress according to location. Avoid wearing revealing clothes in public areas. Only at beaches, waterparks, and swimming pools are authorized to wear bikinis and other swimwear. Women should refrain from donning outfits with deep necklines.

  • Don’t Carry Any Kind of Drugs

The UAE has a strict policy of zero tolerance for the use of any sort of drug.  The local authorities have the right to imprison you if you are a visitor to Dubai and are caught with drugs. You can even face a trial at the court on charges of severe crime. Prescribed medications are also included in the policy. Therefore it is imperative that visitors refrain from using or abusing drugs while they are in Dubai.

  • Use the Right Hand to Greet Anyone

In Arab culture, the left hand is typically used for body hygiene and is considered impure. You should be careful while using your left hand. Don’t use your left hand to shake hands, don’t pass food around with your left hand, and don’t eat with your left hand in Dubai. 

The people in Dubai think it remains dirty even after washing.  However, you are allowed to drink with your left hand. Therefore, be careful not to use your left hand, and if you are left-handed, attempt to be ambidextrous.

  • Don’t Use Vulgar Language in Public

You must carefully use the language when you are in public or conversing with locals. During your stay, try to refrain from using rough language and keep all of your slang words to yourself. 

Additionally, avoid saying anything that could be taken as disrespectful in Islam or Muslims. You will be seen as a criminal that can get you in trouble and a jail sentence in Dubai. And it goes without saying that you wouldn’t want to spend your vacation in jail!

  •  Do not Drink or Eat Outside During Ramadhan 

During Ramadhan, you are not allowed to consume alcohol or food. Plus, no one is forced for fasting. You can eat whatever you want at your hotel. You will come across restaurants that are open but covered. Such places make great dining experiences. However, you won’t be served drinks until dusk. Just remember to avoid eating or drinking in public before nightfall. You can also break your fast with the locals during iftar, which is when the sun has set.

  • Avoid Taking Pictures Without Permission

You might be tempted to take pictures in Dubai because it is a stunning city with amazing views. Even though taking images is perfectly acceptable, you must take extreme caution. This policy must be strictly followed. Without their permission, it is illegal to take pictures or recordings of anyone, especially women and children, and you may be penalized or even sent to jail.

  • Unmarried Couples are not allowed to stay Together in Hotel

 If you’re going to travel and stay with your partner before marriage in Dubai then you have to cancel your plan. Sharia law, which is followed in Dubai, prevents unmarried couples from living together anywhere. If you are discovered to be cohabiting, you could face fines, expulsion, or even jail time.

  • Do not use Inappropriate Hand Gestures

In Dubai, several hand signals that are common in your country might not be. Some hand motions are considered to be offensive. The “ok” hand signal is comparable to the devil’s eye, while the thumbs-up gesture is like flipping the bird. You will be arrested if you make any offensive or vulgar hand motions.

  • Don’t Display any Kind of Intimacy in Public

Avoid showing any sort of affection in public while visiting Dubai. They consider hugs and kisses to be impolite social gestures. You can end up spending the rest of your trip in jail if you are caught doing either in public. However, holding hands between married partners is acceptable. To avoid being seen, refrain from indulging in such activity in public. This is a key law in Dubai.

Time to Wrap!

Let the restrictions not dampen your holiday enthusiasm. Believe us when we say that a vacation in Dubai is actually enjoyable. The city is eclectic, and calm, and welcomes visitors with open arms. You can have a fantastic time as long as you respect Dubai’s laws, culture, and religion and don’t cross any limits. If the above-mentioned things tourists avoid while visiting Dubai then it makes their vacation more relaxing. 


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