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10 Modes of Transportation in Dubai You Must Know

There are many attractions in Dubai to visit and it is easy to get around the city, whether you are a resident or a tourist. A popular option is to take the Dubai Metro or the bus, which are two of the most popular modes of transportation in Dubai. Alternatively, you can hail a taxi. However, did you know that you can also hire a water taxi, hail a car via an app, or charter a helicopter? As Dubai continues to evolve, new options are being introduced to make traveling easier for passengers.

Modes of Transportation in Dubai 

If you intend to take public transportation in Dubai, it’s wise to purchase a Nol card, since it’s your ticket when you board buses, trains, and trams.

As for everything else, there are many options for visiting various places and spots in Dubai. You can find information about the different forms of transportation in the emirate here.

  1. Dubai Bus

The city has over 1,500 buses, so catching one for your next destination won’t be a problem. In addition, the waiting sheds are air-conditioned and well-ventilated, so it won’t be a hassle to wait for one. You can also pay for the bus by swiping your Nol card, as we mentioned earlier.

  1. Dubai Metro

Besides the bus, the Dubai Metro train is the cheapest mode of transportation. There have been millions of passengers traveling on the Dubai Metro since it started operating in 2009. To access this transport, you’ll still need your Nol card to tap your fare.  From Dubai International Airport, you can easily access the metro and get to the famous landmarks, malls, and key sites of the city.

  1. Dubai Taxi

It is advisable to hire a taxi if you are not familiar with Dubai to help you navigate the city. Taxis are readily available and can help you navigate more easily. It is possible to book a pickup and drop-off at your convenience by contacting the RTA Dubai number 800 9090 (yes, Dubai Taxis are also handled by the RTA).

  1. Dubai Tram

Using the Dubai Tram, you can access destinations such as Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Towers quickly. This mode of transportation is very convenient and reasonable for users’ pockets also.

  1. Abra and Dhow Cruise

Dubai has a tradition of using an abra, a boat made of wood to help citizens cross Dubai Creek, as the original mode of transportation. The traditional way of traveling around the Creek area costs only AED 1 per ride. Even though riding an abra is more of a tourist attraction, it is still used by many residents, especially in the Old Dubai area. However, one can also find abras in the Jumeirah Souk.

If you’d like to experience a dinner cruise while sightseeing in these areas in Dubai, you can board a dhow in Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, or Dubai Canal for a bigger boat.

  1. Palm Monorail

The monorail runs from the Palm’s monorail station down to Atlantis, The Palm, making it a great ride for travelers who wish to visit The Palm.

  1. Dubai Ferry and Water Taxi

For visitors, the Dubai Ferry offers a great way to see a variety of sights in Dubai. Make sure you book a trip from Dubai Marina Station, Al Ghubaiba Station, Dubai Canal Station, Al Jadaf Station, or Sheikh Zayed Road Station. By taking one of these ferries, you can explore local attractions and return to your starting point.

  1. Ride-Hailing Apps

It is a popular car-hailing app where you can book a ride to your destination. Careem (acquired by Uber) offers rides to various destinations. By downloading the app, you can easily book a private vehicle that will pick you up and take you wherever you want to go.

  1. Rent a Car

It is easy to rent a car in Dubai. As long as you possess an international driving license and a valid credit card, your qualifications are very minimal. However, if you are looking for a luxurious way to travel, you can rent a luxury car to take you anywhere you want to go. Rental confirmations for prestigious cars in Dubai can be received as quickly as 20 minutes. In some cases, car rental agencies, such as Paddock Rent a Car, will even deliver the vehicle at no charge to your location. Additional conveniences in these cities cannot be matched by other cities around the world.

Those who would like to use luxury cars even for a short period but do not have the budget to purchase a whole rental package can use Udrive or Ekar which offer minute-based rental packages.

  1. Rentals of Yachts

There are also yachts available for hire in Dubai at specific destinations. A yacht rental allows you to enjoy iconic landmarks, like the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel, and Palm Jumeirah, while having a good time. Private cruises and Dubai experiences are more appealing with this form of transportation.

Final Words

As a whole, these 10 modes of transportation are most preferred in the city of Dubai. However, in the future, the city will develop flying taxis, self-driving vehicles, and ultra-fast hyperloop transportation. As the smartest city in the world, Dubai is always staying ahead of the curve and integrating technology into the everyday lives of its residents and citizens. There is no telling what form of transportation will be introduced next.

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