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Food Tours in Dubai: Sample the City’s Best Cuisine

Dubai is the melting pot of cultures, and the cuisines here are a testament to this fact. From traditional Emirati dishes to international delights the city has everything to offer. If you are a foodie and looking to sample the best cuisine of Dubai, then taking a food tour is a must-try activity. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best food tours in Dubai and the cuisine they have to offer.

Frying Pan Adventures – Middle East Cuisine 

If you want to experience authentic Middle East cuisine, then Frying Pan Adventures is the perfect food tour for you. The tour takes you to the old neighborhood of Dubai, where you will taste traditional Dubai cuisine like shawarma, falafel, and hummus. You also get to try lesser known dishes like kanafeh, a sweet cheese pastry, and fattoush, a salad made with crispy bread and fresh vegetables. The tour guides are knowledgeable and passionate about food, and they’ll provide you with interesting insights and the history of the delicacy you are sampling. The tour costs around AED 600 per person.

Dubai Food Tours – Emirati Cuisine

If you want a sample of the best cuisine in Dubai, then you cannot miss Dubai Food Tours. They offer Emirati cuisine, which takes you on a journey through the traditional journey of the UAE. You will get traditional dishes like machboos, a spicy rice dish with meat or fish, and thareed, a bread and vegetable stew that’s a favorite during Ramadan. You’ll also get to try some sweet treats like balaleet, a small vermicelli pudding, and luqaimat, a deep fried dough ball coated in syrup. The tour guides are experienced locals, passionate about traditional Emirati cuisine, The tour costs AED 75 per person.

Arabian Adventures- Luxury Dining 

Wish to enjoy the best cuisine of Dubai in a luxury setting, then Arabian Adventures is best for you. This tour takes you on a culinary journey through some of the finest restaurants in Dubai. You get to taste dishes from Michelin- Starred chefs and dine in opulent settings that offer a stunning view of the city. The tour includes a visit to Burj Al Arab, where you would indulge in a 6 course meal, in a restaurant in the hotel. The tour also includes a visit to Burj Khalifa, where you get to dine at one of the highest restaurants in the world. If you are looking for a high end dining experience in Dubai, then this tour is a must-do. The tour cost AED 1500 per person.

Big Bus Tours- Street Food Tour

If you want to explore the best cuisine of Dubai on a budget, then Big Bus Tours are best for you. This tour takes you to the old neighborhood of Dubai, where you get to sample the best street food of Dubai including shawarma, falafel, and manakeesh, a popular Middle East bread topped with cheese or meat. You’ll get to try out some sweets like luqaimat and balaleet. The tour guides are very professional locals, who love food and will give you interesting and delicious insights about the cuisine and history of this cuisine. The tour costs AED235 per person.

Tastebuds- Global Cuisine 

If you are looking to explore amazing cuisine in Dubai beyond the Middle East and Emirati dishes, then Tastebuds is the tour for you. This tour takes you on a culinary journey through the city’s best international restaurants. You will get to taste Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisine. The tour costs AED 500 per person.

Final words!

Dubai is a food lovers’ paradise, offering a diverse range of delicacies from all over the world. Taking a food tour is great to explore the best cuisine in Dubai and explore the city’s rich culinary heritage. Whether you are looking to sample traditional Emirates cuisine or indulge in a luxury dining experience, the food tours have something for everyone. 

From street food to traditional cuisine, each tour has a unique and memorable experience. So, if you are planning a trip to Dubai, then add a food tour into your list, and get ready for a memorable and delicious experience. Keep visiting Dubai Local, we’ll help you make your trip even more memorable.

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