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Dubai Comedy Festival presents Stand-Up Belmasry at the Theatre – Mall of the Emirates (18th May 2023)

Date and Time: 18:30 Thu 18 May 2023

Location: The Theatre – Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


This show is in the Arabic language and is suitable for all ages. ‘Egypt’s first comedy factory’ is bringing their big stars to the festival. Come enjoy Egypt’s first special star and renowned comedian Mohamed Salem, veteran comedian and promising actor Salah El Daly, comedian and actor Pola Samuel, Mahmoud Konafa, audience favorite Walid Khairy, Egypt’s first female comedian Noha Kato, and up-and-coming comedian Omar El Hassan “Kintaki ”. Enjoy a 100% Egyptian lineup of comedy in Arabic! Don’t miss this family-friendly event! Produced by Al Hezb El Comedy and Artistry Presents in collaboration for the first time!

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