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Anuv Jain Live in Concert at The Agenda, Dubai

Date & Time 19:30 Fri 20 Oct 2023

Location – The Agenda Venues FZC LLC – Al Jaddi St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Description – Anuv Jain is best characterized as “a singer-songwriter for every human experience”. The 28-year-old Punjabi musician is now one of India’s top indie-music sensations after starting as an online phenomenon.

Anuv’s breakthrough came with the publication of the studio version of “Baarishein,” which allowed him to amass a cult following and have his songs become staples of every acoustic playlist.

With hit songs like Gul, Alag Aasmaan, and Mishri among fan favorites, his work bridges the gap between truthful lyrics and evocative melodies, earning him 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. A notable accomplishment for a young independent artist during the epidemic, his maiden All-India tour in October 2021 sold out in each of the ten locations.

He attracted an amazing crowd of about 20,000 people to the Delhi Beat Street Festival in 2022, a throng that chanted back the words to all of his songs. Anuv was one of the select few musicians who appeared on the schedule before Post Malone, an American singer, performed in India.

His supporters and the media have correctly referred to him as a “lyrical storyteller” as he is the face of independent music across all music streaming platforms. Antariksh, which was published in May 2023, is the most recent of Anuv’s 10 singles since 2012.



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