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Light of Hope for UNICEF at The Theatre – Mall of the Emirates, Dubai (19 Jun 2023)

Date and Time – 20:00 Mon 19 Jun 2023

Location – The Theatre – Mall of the Emirates address

More info – A humanitarian concert is being held by the Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO) to benefit UNICEF and help children impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. EYSO has sent invites to generous and committed adult musicians to celebrate this honorable cause, creating the Light of Hope Orchestra, especially for this occasion. The concert program will feature a lovely fusion of classical compositions that will appeal to audiences of all ages, as well as Arabic music adaptations by conductor Riad Kudsi.

Attendees will be treated to a visually stimulating experience throughout the orchestra’s performance thanks to dramatic background paintings shown on a screen. These stunning works of art, which were previously presented as a video, will serve as the concert’s opening act. Khaled Jalal, a well-known painter, will work live while the event is happening, focusing on the theme of the earthquake and enhancing the artistic environment. Additionally, Khaled Jalal will be in charge of the related art display. Additionally, Dr. Talal Al-Junaibi, an Emirati poet, will perform his powerful poetry, which perfectly captures the feeling of the earthquake. The renowned vocalist Somar Al-Najjar will then perform the poem while being supported by the symphony orchestra, giving a moving and unforgettable performance.

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